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The eco-system that empowers your innovation potential.

Exploring new growth opportunities requires inspiring analysis, creative research and compelling content. Success with entering new markets requires an objective and comprehensive understanding of the trends in action.


Together we’ll help you to answer some fundamental questions:

  • Where are the most significant growth opportunities?  Where are the biggest disruption opportunities?

  • How should we conceive our business opportunity map?  How large and how fast are these opportunities developing?

  • What’s the target segment? What’s the potential one?

  • How can we best use technological and market uncertainty to our advantage?  How will competitive structure evolve?

  • Wha are the menaces? What’s the best organisation?

We help you to build a network of significant alliances that can support and speed your innovative business. We know that the real value in a partners eco-system comes not only from the list of participants but rather from why they are participating. An effective alliance strategy requires in-depth analysis and tracking of key players as well as informed selection of participants among Technological, Distribution, Co-marketing, Financial Partners


Our analysis, profiling and tracking of market players is unparalleled and comprehensive in coverage. We follow the whole process from the very first step of introduction till the partnership starting-up.




The global benchmark  for digitization in the consumer markets.

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